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Here at Black Frog we are getting ready to start jumping around as us frogs do you know.
Why you may ask because we are excited at what is coming next.
We are about to launch two new products one is Black Frog records the one stop music shop for the musician. We have available our record label, recording engineers, producers, CD, vinyl and cassette production, video production, live sound and lighting in fact just about all you can want including some of the very best session musicians.
Can there be more yes there can and is. We are starting a pay to view preferably live concert online site to help you the artist get seen and heard and earn a little at the same time.
So please share and shout out about Black Frog and get you and your friends and followers to like, subscribe and follow us on our Social Media pages.
Together we can make this work as we are musicians doing this for musicians at a very reasonable price.
The links
Twitter @BlackFrogbands
YouTube https://bit.ly/2YltXQz
Instagram and others to follow very soon.

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